Re-Ment Pokémon Terrarium Collection 7 (Full Set)

$ 91.50

Re-Ment Pokémon Terrarium Collection 7 (Full Set)

$ 91.50

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Re-Ment Pokémon Terrarium Collection 8 (Full Set)

Discover some of your favourite Pokemon in their natural surroundings and encased forever within a patented clear Re-ment Terrarium Pokeball.

This collection will give you a tiny piece of the Pokemon world for your very own! With six different terrariums all with a unique habitat, this collection features: Pikachu & Furret, Clefairy, Mudkip, Scizor, Flareon and Jirachi.

Re-Ment creates high-quality Pokemon figurines with an adorable twist. Their designs feature Pokemon at their cutest. Bright colours, outstanding quality, and creative designs result in highly sought-after, unique products which can’t be found anywhere else.

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