Re-Ment Pokemon Ocean World Collection

$ 103.50

Re-Ment Pokemon Ocean World Collection

$ 103.50

Re-Ment creates high-quality Pokemon figurines with an adorable twist. Their designs feature Pokemon at their cutest. Bright colours, outstanding quality, and creative designs result in highly sought-after, unique products that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Re-Ment Pokemon Ocean World Collection

This stunning collection from Re-Ment shows the water Pokemon in the natural habit and is like having your very own piece of the Pokemon world in your collection. This set was released in Pokemon Centers around Japan and have been very popular. The figures can be joined together to or they can be separated so they are perfect for large or small spaces. This set will sure brighten up anyone’s collection.

Pokemon in this collection include:

– Pikachu & Popplio
– Vaporeon
– Slowpoke & Pyukumuku
– Squirtle & Staryu
– Marill & Corsola
– Dewgong

Each figure comes with a piece of gum.

Measurements for each figure in centimeters H 6cm W 5 cm L 5cm



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