Re-Ment Four Seasons Terrarium Collection

$ 99.99 $ 96.50

Re-Ment Four Seasons Terrarium Collection

$ 99.99 $ 96.50

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Pokémon 2020 Terrarium Four Seasons – A day of the rainy season. (Pikachu & Froakie) Pikachu uses a big leaf to protect itself from the rain. Froakie doesn’t seem to mind the sprinkle. – Spring in full bloom. (Sylveon) Sylveon’s blue and pink colouring blends perfectly into the Spring flower bed beneath it. – Summer vacation! (Wartortle & Sandygast) Wartortle can’t contain her laughter when Sandygast surprises her by popping out from a sand castle. – Long night in Autumn (Lucario) Lucario stares at the stars and rivals the Moon’s sphere while dreaming about it’s next Aura Sphere in battle. – Leaves carpet. (Vulpix) Vulpix enjoys a day time slumber amongst the Autumn leaves. Covered in snow. (Froslass) Froslass skates and glides through the ghostly cold winter snow. Re-ment Four Seasons Terrariums each contain a uniquely colourful snapshot from the Pokémon Universe.

– The Pokéball is made from transparent acrylic.

– The Pokéball can open and close.

– The Pokémon figurine is removable.

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