Pokemon Center Original 2020 Japan plush Greedent

$ 41.50

Pokemon Center Original 2020 Japan plush Greedent

$ 41.50

“Pokémon Center Originals” are produced by “The Pokémon Company International” to their high standards, with an emphasis on attention to detail, quality materials, and original designs not found anywhere else.

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Pokemon Center Original 2020 Japan plush Greedent

Greedent is apart of the Pokemon Center Official Galar Region range. These plush are made from high quality soft polyester.

Greedent is a squirrel like Pokemon with a tan and brown plump body, a buck tooth, yellow nose, stumpy limbs and a huge tail that is larger than it’s body. I has a darker brown area on its cheeks, also on its chest underside of its tail and the tips of its ears. . Greedents eyes are black oval shape with with white pupils and have a ring of light brown fur surrounding them.

Greedent will make a cute member to a Pokemon collection, just be sure to Greedent live up to their name and stuff their tails with so many berries.

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Dimensions 22 × 19 × 22.5 cm

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