Pokemon Center Original 2020 Japan plush Falinks

$ 41.50

Pokemon Center Original 2020 Japan plush Falinks

$ 41.50

“Pokémon Center Originals” are produced by “The Pokémon Company International” to their high standards, with an emphasis on attention to detail, quality materials, and original designs not found anywhere else.

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Pokemon Center Original Japan 2020 Plush Falinks

Falinks is apart of the Pokemon Center official Galar Region range. These plush are made from high quality soft polyester.

Falinks may look like a caterpillar, but it is actually has a formation of six individual s that rely on team work for their strategy to win battle. An individual Falinks trooper has has a black spherical body with two stout trunk like legs. They also have blue oval eyes which have white pupils or can be perceived as glowing slightly from their dark body. Each trooper has a golden armored shell that resembles a spartan helmet that covers the dorsal half. This shell is topped with a red crest that terminates the anterior horn and flanks the lateral sides of the trooper with two horned plates that resemble shields.

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